Goldacupuncture for Dogs

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Gold bead implants for humans

This link will send you to a website in Germany (text in English) which is dedicated to promote gold bead implants for humans.

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

This website gives you all the information about acupuncture worldwide - where you can search for a vet in your country.

See this article: quite an amazing "opening of the eyes" for a vet, originally biased against holistic medicine, but now a "converted" activist ..

Dr. Richard Palmquist: Exploring Integrative Veterinary Practice

Being a veterinarian that practices integrative medicine means that many of the cases referred to me often have really serious diseases. Before I knew about integrative medicine, it was easy to tell someone that nothing else could be done. I would get sad but I didn't cry much. I believed that nothing more could be done. read more

This article explains the scientific background of what we do:

Gold Beads Implantation (GBI) – The Scientific Basis

by Dr. Sagiv Ben-Yakir

Keeping an eye on pharmaceuticals

offers comprehensive information about prescription and over-the-counter medications distributed globally. Important for everybody who is concernd about chemical drugs.
The current drug alert is for the acne medication Accutane, which can cause birth defects, bowel disease, depression, and suicide. For more information, visit the  Accutane Lawsuit page.